Structured Water: Nature Intended for Water to Move Freely!

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Water loves movement.  Surface water is trying to reach sea level due to gravity.  As water flows in channels, the stream bed and banks will resist the flow of water.  The velocity of the water is dependent on the steepness of the slope, type of rock or soil, amount of vegetation, shape of stream bed and obstructions.  Surface water provides the liquid where most evaporation takes place.  Movement helps ionize and energize the minerals in water.  In our modern day world water likely arrives at its destination via pressurized pipelines, it is tired and lifeless.  Water also loses its life force when it remains stagnant, especially in strong sunlight.  Water accumulates harmful microbes and wastes when it is motionless.  Water that is allowed to move freely-even if it is exposed to the sun- will stay cooler than stagnant water.  This is because of the vortices water produces as it moves.


The Natural Action Structured Water Units

The Natural Action Structured Water Unit is a new technology for water treatment that utilizes nature’s own methods of movement, producing cleaner, softer, smoother water without the use of chemicals, filters, salts, electricity or complex metal alloys for a truly maintenance-free water conditioning system.  The units have geometric forms inside.  These flow form devices basically cause the water to move in a way nature intended but in an extremely short period of time thus the water structures itself. This innovative technology eliminates negative energy patterns and redefines the water’s natural healthy energy pattern (sometimes called the memory of water).

Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference.

Sally Reed

We took our Structured Water Portable unit on our trip to Mexico, the main thing is that it was wonderful not to have to worry about lugging 10 days worth of bottled water for 2 people plus doggie down there with us. 


Our new ‘Structured Water device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing.  I use less shampoo.  Less soap is needed for washing the clothes. 

Lileth B. Randall

I’ve never been so excited to shower now that we have this unit in our shower. The cats are loving the water already and my skin is feeling great.

Missy Norgan

Hey, I took my Structured Water device to India and tried it out in BOMBAY on ordinary tap water. I drank the structured water and… am alive and well to tell the tale!

Anthea G

The Portable


The easiest way to structure water at home and on the go; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Also, great for apartment living!

Available in WuWei – White, USA-White, Cobalt-Blue, and Emerald-Green


Shower Unit


With a Shower product, you will be getting healthy benefits like soft healthy skin and hair, no hard water build-up every time you take a shower!


Garden Unit


The Small Garden Product is a convenient way to bring Structured Water to your plants and garden. Simply connect it to any faucet and hook up your hose.

Dynamically Enhanced units are 1.5 times more powerful than the Original.

Under The Sink


You can add an Under The Sink product to any filter system you have to enjoy drinking and cooking with water that is balanced and hydrating.


Whole House


Enjoy all the benefits of Structured Water for cooking, drinking, showers, or baths, laundry, gardening, pets and so much more.




The Commercial Product is a powerful solution for bringing Structured Water™ both indoors and outdoors for your business, farm, pool, landscape, and more.


Stainless Steel Water Unit


Our New Stainless Steel Unit is a perfect for solution for Water processing facilities, Restaurants, Chemical Plants, Beer and Wine facilities, Pools and Spas. With its sanitary flanges, installation is easy.

Benefits of Structured Water

  • Helps increase or improve hydration on an intra– and extra- cellular level.
  • Helps detoxify the cells through superior hydration.
  • Helps balance water.
  • Helps double the immune system’s response.
  • Helps increase oxygen content in the blood.
  • Helps increase thought processing, mental awareness and creativity.
  • Helps swollen joints that are associated with arthritis.
  • Helps establish better health and overall vitality.
  • Helps skin and hair become softer and healthier.
  • Helps increase longevity to all systems that use water.
  • Helps gardens and household plants become healthier.
  • Helps livestock, domestic pets and fish become healthier.
  • Helps in the release of healthy vitamins and minerals to all life.

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